Agribusiness Communication

Globally and locally agriculture is moving into exciting but volatile times as the world’s population clamours for quality food, and agricultural businesses face more opportunities but also more risk than ever before.

Laurich Communications specialises in public relations, communications and journalism within the agricultural sector.

Whether it is public relations, analysis, journalism or technical communications, Laurich Communications have the tools and the experience to ensure the message comes across to the agriculture sector clearly, concisely and correctly.

Farming businesses require communications backed with knowledge and experience of agriculture to deliver advice and information to boost their productivity - and ultimately their bottom line.

Agricultural businesses require a communicator who understands the company’s products and services inside out – one who is able to communicate their features and benefits to farmers in a credible, reliable manner.

A competitive, sophisticated agricultural business sector increasingly requires intelligent public relations communications to cut across conventional advertising clutter – this improves farmer awareness and understanding of increasingly advanced, sophisticated services and equipment.

Laurich Communications director Richard Rennie has over 20 years’ experience in the food, media and farming business sectors, and has built a strong network in all three sectors over that time. 

Clients with Laurich Communications represent the spectrum of agricultural businesses, from animal health to farm equipment. They enjoy the benefits his combination of agricultural, business and media skills bring to their products and services.

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Interpretation, Intelligence and Communication for Agribusiness